• For major construction
    Construction of residential buildings, office centers, shopping and entertainment and sports centers, airports and hotels, production plants and many other facilities is impossible without the use of various metal products. Modern technology and metal production quality allow architectures, designers and constructors to implement even most trailblazing and innovative projects.
  • For utilities
    The use of high-quality steel pipes, including isolation and corrosion protection, piping details, galvanized sheet metal-roll in construction of major pipelines and inner communications: water and gas supply, heating, fire fighting and ventilating systems provides for reliability, long service life and operating economy of utilities.
  • For production plants
    Industrial enterprises, equipment and steel structures manufacturing plants, furniture factories, small production plants use wide range of steel of various sizes for further processing and production of various industrial products and goods of mass-market demand.
  • For road infrastructure
    Flat and long steel, hollow sections and round pipes are widely used in the production of various parts of road infrastructure: leading marks and signs, stop bays of public transport, safety fencing, outdoor lighting poles, noise screens, etc., to ensure traffic safety and high comfort level on the roads.
  • For public utilities and improvement of the territory
    Engineering outfit of yards, playgrounds, sports areas, public gardens and parks, art-facilities and installations, small architecture that require the use of metal products, allow higher comfort of urban environment and add modern aesthetics to the urban space.
Full range of additional services for metal products delivery, pre-sale treatment, isolation and galvanization.

Long steel

  • rebar
  • angle
  • channel
  • beam
  • strip

Flat steel

  • hot-rolled
  • cold-rolled
  • galvanized
  • riffled

Steel pipes

  • water-and-gas
  • electric-welded
  • seamless
  • hollow sections
  • galvanized

Pipeline parts

  • elbows
  • reducers
  • tee pieces
  • caps
  • flanges